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Take the Stress Out of Moving

The Home Service is a professional bespoke service, providing support to people on the move. Whether you are moving in or moving out, preparing to sell or let your property, refurbishing, reorganising, empting storage or simply making changes, we are here to help. Based in Bath, we cover the corridor between Bath and central London, and can offer our services nationally or even internationally.

Moving is a challenge and living amongst boxes is never appealing. Something you need is invariably packed away, items get lost or misplaced, you may find your favourite shirt wrapped around a lamp, items get separated in transit and any number of calamites can happen.

Let us ensure this never happens to you!

Leave those Time-Consuming Tasks to Us

Our goal is to take those time-consuming and stressful tasks, leaving you free to spend more time with your family, relax or take part in the activities you enjoy.

Allow us to take the reins and save you time and worry about any project, upcoming event or simply assist you. We can find the very best local specialists for design, supply, trades and other work you would like done, and will get you the very best quotations and service.

The Home Service Advantage 

Busy professionals do not want to take time out of their daily schedules or miss work to wait for deliveries or tradespersons to visit their homes.

Moving to new properties, downsizing or merging multiple homes into one can be time consuming and require challenging decision making.

There are many menial tasks to be undertaken from time to time, yet no one said you have to do them all yourself. We enjoy a network of expert local specialists.

The Home Service can carry out every task and achieve swift and reliable results at affordable prices.

Our Team

With more than 30 years of property management and hospitality experience, we understand service and the importance of exceeding expectation. We appreciate how individual and unique every client is and tailor each service to meet your needs.

We relish complex challenges, excel in detail, love to organize, make things happen on time and deliver a seamless service.


“I first met Anne Marie and her team in my old apartment and then in my new home. I was so impressed with their enthusiasm and attention to detail. I left for a business trip two days before my move and handed over my keys to The Home Service. I returned to my new home one week later. Everything had been moved, cleaned, connected and put in place. I even came back to a beautifully made bed, my fridge fully stocked and my new home warm and inviting. It was really like a dream and most especially - there was not a cardboard box in sight. Huge thanks to an amazing team. This was my easiest move ever.”

– George 

“When my move to Bath coincided with starting my new job, I was a little panicked but with my home in storage and my life in a suitcase, I knew I needed help. A colleague recommended The Home Service and from our first meeting, I knew all would be well. Within a week, everything was organised and Katie even helped me to arrange my housewarming. The Home Service, will continue to be a part of my life and whatever I need, they are just a phone call away.”

– Kathryn

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